CardioSert Ltd. is developing innovative tools to support interventional cardiologists in percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) procedures. The company products include a proprietary guidewire designed for crossing complex lesions (i.e. chronic total occlusion – CTO), and a unique pressure guidewire for measuring Fractional Flow Reserve – FFR


CardioSert FFR tool is acts as an off-the-shelf workhorse guidewires and it equipped with a unique means for sensing the level of artery recanalization or assessing the level of artery blockages pre-operation providing the physician an important clinical decision-making tool.


CardioSert CTO tool enables the physician to gently maneuver within micro channels that pass throughout the artery blockage. The tool follows the micro channels and passes the blockage safely and quickly. This allows the delivery of balloon/stent catheters to the desire location within the blockage.